Our exterior bodykit products are fully developed, R&D-ed, and manufactured in-house from start-to-finish at our facilities in Toronto, Canada. All of our composite products are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Each and every one of our products is designed for both aesthetic and performance improvements: form and function. ML24 products are specifically designed for each [individual] vehicle; please see our Products page for vehicle application and further information.

ML24 offers design consulting services as private label work for corporations. ML24 has worked as industry consultants for over 15 years of combined experience , helping companies better apply the current consumer trends worldwide for the competitive advantage they seek in the market. As a consultant, we guide your company throughout the entire process from brainstorming, research and development, to final prototype with new product designs.

In addition to our consumer products and corporate consulting, we also offer premium custom services. This service offers unique, one-of-a-kind prototyping for projects ranging from accessories to entire coach-built vehicles. All of ML24’s R&D and prototyping is completed fully in-house, from the research phase to visualization and build stages. The in-house custom service ML24 offers ensures that each project receives the highest quality and attention to both the aesthetic design and function.



Every ML24 project undergoes a specific design process to ensure both aesthetics and function are thoroughly developed. By using advanced acquisition and visualization tools, it allows us to envision the end-products virtually and photo-realistically before beginning physical prototyping. This helps with design development and reduces fabrication times while maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy.



Digital Sketching
Laser Scanning
3D CAD Design
3D CAD Rendering
CNC Milling
CNC Router
3D Printing